Musical Memories from my childhood

I called my local internet provider today and while I was on hold to speak with one of the attendants. While on hold I got to listen to music and they played The Hooters’ 500 Miles which sendt me right back to my childhood. Whenever I listen to special music that was particularly meaningful to me I am brought right back to the time of the memory :D

I was 12 and spent the whole summer with my grandma and grandpa in Trondheim. I have quite a lot of family up there and we spent 4 weeks in Trondheim and 3 weeks at Vikna in North Trøndelag where my grandparents are from with my cousins, uncles, aunts, and of course my grandparents and their siblings and descendents.

I had a fantastic summer and one of my older cousins introduced me to lots of good music like 500 Miles with the Hooters;

and Every Rose has its Thorn by Poison

A lot of things was great with that summer. I was on the first long adventure of my life! 7 weeks away from home at the age of 12 was really awesome. Being in the loving care of my grandparents for so long was amazing. It was also my first summer holiday away from my parents (although safely guarded by grandparents) and i got to spend so much time with my lovely grandmother and my cousins and my uncles and aunts!
And we had the best summer I can remember weatherwise. All spring we had the most beautiful weather back home in Arendal and when I moved up to Trondheim we had beautiful sunny weather for weeks. Then we moved up to Vikna and brought the sun with us. When we went back to Trondheim it was sunny there and when I got back to arendal all fall was gorgeous and sunny. I think I didn’t have more than a few days of rain the whole summer.

It was really nice to remember this time and the music :D


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