Visits from Netherlands

My good friend Maikel from Oss came back for a weekend visit with his girlfriend Angelique. This is Maikels third trip to visit me here in Norway, but we have also met 2 times in Switzerland and 2 times in Netherlands as well. Maikel is one of my good couchsurfing friends and he is good at keeping in touch via the internet.

They arrived late thursday evening and we had a nice chat before going to bed.

On friday morning I left for work and Maikel and Angelique spent the day outside getting to know the city. After work I went home to clean some stuff I had not had time to prepare prior to their visit. Then I made dinner and when they got home we had dinner and enjoyed nice conversations for the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning we had a nice meal before we at midday went outside to enjoy the beautiful day in the snow. We went to Sandvika (a city close to Oslo) to visit the island of Kalvøya. It was a beautiful day with good friends and we hiked around the island.

Due to the ice covered roads we were not able to walk particularly fast, but we were able to enjoy the day a lot. We had brought chocolate and drinks for picnic and enjoyed our lunch at a bench overlooking the ocean.

Once back in the city we went to Sandvika mall and there we found a coffee shop and sat down to warm up with hot chocolate and coffee, before we went shopping and we picked up groceries and returned home to cook dinner.

We had a lovely meal of whale steak with sweet potato mash and vegetables. Yummy !


Sunday we started with a nice meal and had a relaxing start to the day befor Maikel and Angelique had  to wrap up and leave for the airport.

It was a lovely weekend and I guess that now it’s my turn to visit Netherlands soon :D


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