A fresh Donation to the Amanda Project

Last april I told you I have started knitting baby blankets to aid the Amanda Project, but I hadn’t really had time to persue this hobby (due to refurbishing bathroom and bedroom as well as taking drivers lessons and getting the drivers license). However, I now have 5 beautiful baby blankets to donate to Rikshospitalet here in Oslo for them to give to premature born or sick born babies to keep them warm while they struggle to make it through the rough start of their life.

Some of them will make it, others will not. No matter the outcome the parents are given the tiny blankets and they are free to take them home as a memory of the tough start their baby had, or as a memory of their little one that didn’t make it. For some these donations will be the only and most cherished memories of the child they never got to bring home and I am happy I can help warm someones bodies (and hearts) in a difficult time.

Here are my first donations :

IMG_6424IMG_6425IMG_6426IMG_6427i <3 ublue w whitepurple w pinkpink w whitewhite w pink5 small blankets

Amanda Project – Donations, a set on Flickr.


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