Just barely remembered I had to apply for the ESTA visa for US

Just 1,5 days left and I spent all afternoon running errands and fixing the last details on the 2 last dresses I made for my nieces in Costa Rica. And… Packing… Very important detail…

I am still very insecure about whether i should pack 1 or 2 suitcases (I do have a huge amount of stuff that is waiting for me at Melanies place in Houston that Ill have to pick up as well). Mostly I have been really good not exaggerating the stuff Im bringing there this time, but at the same time I have gifts and glutenfree food that is coming with me in case I need some during the CR roundtrip (that Ill make with my Couchsurfing friend Magnus and maybe a few others) and I cant find any easily at hand.

So, almost done for the day, I am in my bed – just wrapping my sheets around me and suddenly it strikes me….. YIKES… The ESTA visa!!! I have to apply for that before the deadline ends (I think it was 48 hours prior to departure, but it may also be 64 and then I would have been fucked) ! So I rushed over to the computer and found the ESTA page and got it done. PHEW.

Now I can go to bed. Another hectical day tomorrow with full program at work, meeting up with friends after work, working out with another friend, meeting another friend and then go home to pack the last bits and pieces… Something is just telling me right now that Ill be sleep deprived by the time I reach the airplane… I can’t wait though and I am really really exited about spending 22 hours in Houston again as well and meet up with Melanie and Lisa :D

Really exited now.. Hmmm. Am I even going to be able to sleep tonight? I could go on packing, but I do need my beauty sleep… Ill keep you posted


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