Last minute packing and last snowfall

Yesterday was a really busy day. First at work and then all afternoon as well.

My first errand was to visit my friend Jorunn E to hand over some things she forgot when visiting last saturday and then I met Jorunn S (It really is practical (for me at least) that several of my friends have the same name) for a session at the gym. After the gym I met Eva for a coffee and all in all – despite not having finished packing or anything similar… I felt relaxed and quite good about having spent the last day at home with my friends. Before going home I had to stop at the groceries store for some last minute errands and ran into another friend of mine, Paul.

At home I spent some time instructing Eivind (my tenant) in how to take care of plants, what else to remember while I’m gone and to take good care of my cat.

Then I spent most of last night packing. First I packed once and decided that Ill bring only one suitcase, but then when I was checking in I realised that 1 overweight luggege cost 200 usd and 2 different underweight luggages costs 70 usd. SO I repacked again. I need to bring 2 suitcases anyways for all the stuff I plan to bring home so the choice was easy enough. In fact I had already packed everything inside a small suitcase that was inside the big one. So I split what I had into the 2 suitcases and went to bed at 2 am.

This morning I woke up at 6am and realized I should proabably go through my stuff to double check that I had not packed far too much (like I normally do when last minute packing …). Of course I found far too much in my bags. 30 t-shirts / tops for a 35 day vacation? Even I understand that is far too much. I got rid of a few items too much and then I sat left with 5 kgs less than when I started and I was satisfied. During this session I also had time to add a new playlist to my ipod and after cuddling the cat goodbye I left for the airport.

A nice neighbour helped me carry one of the suitcases to the bus stop and I was off. A nice snowfall and listening to The Vaccines had me in a really good mood!

Right now I’m at the airport. Last gifts are bought, I had my breakfast and now admiring the snowfall outside.

I have stopovers in New York and Houston. Thankfully in Houston I have enough time to meet up with my friends Melanie and Lisa from when I lived there in 2008. Then I’m off to paradise. Sun and 30+ Celcius !

I’m sooo ready for you Costa Rica. It has been 5 years. It’s about time!


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