Arrived safely in Liberia

The flight from Houston to Liberia was quite calm. I had a Canadian couple for company however they were preparing for their first trip down to Costa Rica and not really talkative. They were too busy absorbing what was written in books.

Apart from that the flight was quite nice and passed quite fast as well. Arriving to Liberia they announced wonderful 27C degrees (at 9PM) however quite strong wind conditions.

I was the first to recieve my luggage and the first through customs. It was quite fun. I brought food and normally when I declare food the customs officers want to know what I am bringing and to whom it is for. Oh no.. Not here :D I gave them the paper with the customs declaration and they didn’t even look at it to check if I had food.

Coming out from customs I was “attacked” by helpful people that wanted to find me a cab, carry my luggage and so on. I knew Mami, Roxana and Luisito was waiting for me but for the crowd of “helpful” people I didn’t even see them which turned out in me just walking straight past mami in an attempt of getting away from the crowd – which made Roxana laugh out loud when she realized Mami hadn’t even recognized me :D

I was then taken home and got my first meal of nice traditional rice and beans :D Mami makes the best beans ever !

I’m safe at destination. Keep tuned for more :D


2 responses to “Arrived safely in Liberia

  1. Gallo pinto? Very yummy! Eat some for me!

    • I would be happy eating Gallo Pinto and Papaya every day for every meal, but thankfully mami is a bit more concerned about more proper kind of nutrition and makes me yummy stuff to go with the Gallo Pinto like eggs, cheese, salads and such :D LOOOVING Gallo Pinto.

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