Haciendo Mandados

Hacer mandados is a very typical way of saying that you will run errands and that was exactly what I did today.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 am and decided that was as nice a time as any to go for a jog at the Stadium. Mami and myself had a nice breakfast (Gallo Pinto) and then Federico came by and was hi-jacked to run errands with us.

We started out with a visit to the bank to get my new bank card (and access to my money in Costa Rica) and to change USD into Colones. This took quite a long time because the line was terribly long.

After the bank we went to get the insurrance for the car I am about to borrow in case something will happen during the trip, however the insurrance agent had left for lunch and we had to come back later and then we went home for lunch instead. Mami had made a delicious meat soup with rice and beans with it.

After lunch we called the insurrance agent and he started preparing the documents and all we had to do was to go there and sign the papers! Then Mami and I went to Claro to open up a local cell phone number as my Norwegian phone is COMPLETELY dead. No signals What so Ever. With the local one at least Ill get mail and internet coming in on it and then I went to sign up for a Personal Trainer at the local Gym right next to the post office, before I stopped by the local post office to send a birthday gift to a girl whom I suspect will be very happy for her gifts this year !

Then it was time to go home. I have to prepare for a Rotary meeting that Mami is taking me to at Martha and Renees place tonight :D


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