Rotary Club meeting

I just came home from a dinner meeting with mamis Rotary Club. The meeting was at Martha and Renees house (or I would have probably not joined as it was already getting late – oh yeah. Jet lag has a hold of me).

I had met many of the participants before during previous visits with exception of a few guests that had come all the way from Italy. Myself, Maria Grazia and El Padre Guiseppe. Although we had the precense of a priest I was utterly fascinated. How often do you see a priest running around in Cerise Neon pink belt and hats. PINK !!! I love Pink, but weird on a priest..

This was supposed to be a meeting of official business but due to the “extraordinary visit” (must be myself I’m speaking of) everyone were talking pictures of the event and the food and capturing the moment. The priest worse than all the others together. Obviously having a good time. Mid meeting the pink priest took the word and from there on he spoke and spoke and in the end it almost turned into a mass. Too much religious talk for me. That man just never shut up. As it turned out he was not just a priest, but a catholic cardinal high up in the ranks…

After the official part of the meeting Martha had made a delicious meal for all the participants. Lasagna. Unfortunately Lasagna has Pasta so I got to eat Chicken Salad instead! (A very yummy one).

For dessert we were served a delicious Caramel Pudding and coffee before we went home.

Mami and myself

It was quite a nice party and it was really nice to meet Martha and Renee again. They invited me back to their swimming pool any time. I may just have to take them up on that offer soon !!!

Jorge and drove us home and when I finally got in bed at 11:30 (6:30 AM at home… ) I fell asleep immediately.
I guess I will be soooooo good for late night parties when I get home !


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