Hotel El Sitio

While I was enjoying a nice time at the local cafeteria at the Santa Rosa Mall my brother called me and said to be ready in 30 minutes because we were going to the beach with him and the family.

Woohoo. I didn’t exactly rush to get ready as Ticos are never on time. I just told him to let me know when they were outside and that I would come out then.

About 30 minutes after I was supposed to be picked up, my sister in law called to say that they are no longer going to the beach, hence I decided to go to Hotel El Sitio instead. Hotel El Sitio is a nice Hotel with a decent swimming pool and Swimming, tanning and relaxing is part of why I am here :D

I had a great time at the pool. I had time to read in my book, enjoy the sun and relax. It was quite beautiful.

I left at 5:30 and went home to prepare for joining Mami at her Rotary party tonight.


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