Workout at the Gym with my new PT

This morning I started out with waking up at 6 am. It is lovely to wake up and see that it is light outside, hear the birds chirping and just feel the energy of the sun start warming up.

I walked down to my new Gym (no idea what its called, but its straight by the post office) for my PT (Personal Trainer) session with Diego. If I EVER Thought Patrik (my PT at home) was tough… I now appreciate him a lot !! Diego is my new masochist…

Diego pushed me through a one hour workout for the whole body. I was left sweaty and gross (no wonder when its 30C at 7 AM in the morning) and now I hurt all over, but it was a GOOD workout!

I walked home again and on my way home I stopped by Maria Theresa and Eugenio Corrales to greet them (yes, all sweaty and gross). It was sooooo nice to see them again that I just invited myself over for lunch tomorrow ! :D

Then I went home for breakfast and a shower ! Phew…


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