La Marina de Papagayo

Papagayo is an area of the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica which is absolutely stunningly beautiful. It is also very popular among tourists and lots of big hotels have been buildt in this area. One of them is the Four Seasons Hotel.

Four Seasons has not only buildt the hotel, but also made available for others the access to beaches that before used to be secluded and not available to the public.

And in one of these areas is the Marina de Papagayo where my sisters friend Ethel brought me for dinner and to enjoy the sunset tonight with her kids.

La Marina in Sunset

Ethel with her Son Alonso

Irina was really happy to have her own glass of ice cold water!

Me with the kids

I had Ceviche for dinner. Its a local dish with raw fish and its absolutely Yummy!
And I had Leche de Papaya (Papaya / Milk Smoothie) to go with it! Sooooo good!

Nice Restaurant / Bar

Night image of the Marina.

I had an awesome time with Ethel and the kids!

Once I got home I watched an old western movie with Mami. :D


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