Lunch with the Corrales

This morning I woke up at 6:45 and I went with my sister to the nearby Stadium for a morning excersize jog. We lasted 1 hour working out and it was sooo hot already… 35 C and sunny

When we got home I had my shower and then I had to do laundry.

When laundry was done I had a powernap before I headed over to my friends Bryans parents house for lunch. I had such a wonderful time.

Maria Theresa had cooked a delicious meal of “Arroz Cantones” (Cantonese Rice) with black beans, salad and home made juice ! Awesome !

None of the kids were at home, so I hope I get to catch up with Shelby and Katherine later during my stay, but at least Johan (Shelby’s husband) was at home and their son, Ismael.

last time I saw him, he was only 4 months old !!! He has become a big boy now!

Thank you so much for a lovely meal and a fantastic time Eugenio & Maria Theresa. I always feel so welcome in your home.
With much Love


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