Dinner at Playa Potrero with Swedish friends

I had planned to go to Playa Potrero to meet up with my friends Magnus, Belinda and Thomas today for lunch, but we had to have the car in for repairs and it was not returned to us until 2 pm, hence I was not able to start before either.

The drive to the beach was my first in Costa Rica and I haven’t driven for about 1 month so I was a bit nervous, but as soon as I got into the car and out of Liberia city center I felt better again. I also felt in the helpful mood and picked up 4 hitch-hikers on their way to the beaches. It was quite easy to find the way to the beach as all exits are marked with the right beaches and if you know more or less to which one you are going you just go to that one.

I arrived in good time for a fruit fika with Piña Colada and then we went down to the beach to watch the sunset.

Belinda, Magnus and Tomas at the beach.

After sunset we went to an American Restaurant, The Shack, where we had dinner. On our way there we met a nice cow that was probably more scared of Magnus than he was of it :D

At the Shack we got excellent food and excellent service! Some for all tastes :D

After dinner I had to return to Liberia. I had an hour and half ahead of me in the car and it was still my first day driving down here, so I felt I had to start.

The trip back home went quite well. I had to stop to feed the car some super and during parts of the road there were so few signs along the road that I seriously thought I had taken a wrong turn and gotten seriously lost. However I arrived back in Liberia around 9:30 and I was quite proud of myself that I have now taken my first drive outside of Norway!

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