Fruit & Vegetable market in Liberia

I started out the morning at 6:30 with a visit to the gym and an appointment with my PT, Diego, who pushed me real hard and had me working out real hard for an hour. Then I walked home and had a shower. I must admit. After that session at the gym I was quite beaten and I almost forgot to have my breakfast before falling back to sleep.

When I woke up again it was almost lunch time and Mami had prepared a nice pork stew for us (She is such a good cook!) and then it was time to start packing for my Costa Rica Roundtrip that I will start later on this afternoon. Then I packed mine and Magnus’ stuff in the trunk of the car.

I picked up Magnus in front of the main church in the park and from there on we went home to my house with his stuff before we went to the local vegetable and fruit market.

The Market used to be in front of the stadium every thursday and friday, and it still is every thursday and friday, but it moved about 500 meters from my house on the other side of the river instead.

We picked up both Papaya, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Avocadoes and grapes as well as each our pipa (coconut) before we went back home and packed our stuff into the car.


2 responses to “Fruit & Vegetable market in Liberia

  1. Can you tell me how to get to the farmers market. We are visiting and we are staying in playas del coco and would love to go to the market but have no idea where it is located. Thank you very much.

    • If you wish to go to the farmers market its quite easy if you know where to go to. First option is to grab a cab. It shouldnt cost you much more than 6-800 colones from the park. Or if you wish to walk you can walk from the park (on the same side as the taxis) but against the driving direction (keep the church on your right side). I dont remember how many blocks it is Up, but its until the same block as Brazas Restaurante y Grill and then you walk to your left towards the stadion. If you walk further up or not far enough up then you can still walk to the left and then turn later. The idea is that you end up by the football stadion (just make sure you are on the side of it that has the green outside field and the small car fixer/painter shop and not on the backside of it where the ticket entrance is). Then cross the bridge and continue walking until the street splits, about 6-700 meters more or less, go to the right and you should find the fruitmarket after 4-500 meter.
      You can also ask for feria de frutas? People will direcet you if you do :D

      Good luck!

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