Arenal Volcano Hike

After having worked out 5 days this week I had decided that the weekend would be for relaxing. However, if I ever thought I was going to get a day off from working out just because it was saturday and not a weekday I had to think again.

I don’t like to watch time go by without filling it with adventure when Im travelling and today was no different so Magnus and I signed up for a guided Hike in the jungle for the morning.

From the Arenal Backpackers Lodge we were picked up at 8 am with a Swiss couple (Kasper and Claudia) and taken to El Silencio Reserve where we were taken through rainforest trails for a nice and gentle hike to spot a variety of flora and fauna.

Due to Will Smith being in town for the filming of After Earth by M. N. Shyamalan, a lot of the trails were closed down and not accessible. Of course it would have been very cool to see Mr. Will, but we were not allowed entrance to the filming location.

However we were lucky enough to see lots of animals today. We saw lots of birds of course; like the Montezuma Oropendola, the Clay-colored Thrush and a Toucan couple among the more interesting ones. We were also lucky enough to see a few Spider Monkeys. These are rarely seen, but one of the 4 monkey species in CR.

One of the other 3 species is the Mantled Howler Monkey which we also were lucky enough to see today!

We also saw lots of insects, flowers and plants that in itself was worthwhile the hike, like this one that is edible (but that I don’t remember the name of).

Our guide took us up to a beautiful viewpoint of the volcano. And there he thought us that the volcano has been dormant for 1,5 years now (which explains why the lava hikes are not available).

On our way back to the start of the hike we  found a nice Liana where Magnus decided to play that he was Tarzan :D

It was a great tour and our guide, Ramon, was really good at spotting wildlife.

However now its time for a relaxing bath at Baldi Hot Springs…


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