Hiking in Monteverde Cloudforest

This morning we woke up at 5:45 AM to get the 6:15 bus to Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Our first spotting was the Splendid Quetzal even before we entered the park. We had 2 couples sitting on a branch just above the souvenir shop!

However from thereon we didn’t really see much else than bugs, birds and naked monkeys, lots of different snails, A Centiped, wierd spiders and gorgeous nature.

During our 6 hours hike we only met 10 other people and…. 2 of them we met at the continental divide lookout post. Kasper and Claudia from Switzerland that we went on the Arenal Volcano Hike with.

We walked and we walked, but no freaking animals. We searched for frogs under leafs and over leafs, but found none. Untrained eyes didn’t know where to look. However, the hike and the jungle was beautiful. Drip Drip. Raindrops from the trees.

And we found a huge variety of gorgeous flowers and orchids

Once we arrived the ranger station again we had lunch at the cafeteria. That was most welcome! We were both starving from the physical activity and it was about time to eat. We had only had a little breakfast before 6 am.

Just outside the Park entrance there is another cafeteria and outside the cafeteria there is a Hummingbird feeding station. Lots and lots and lots of hummingbirds circle around the stations and they sound like small engines buzzing past your ears.

But they are sooo beautiful. Really gorgeous.

At 2pm we left the park – we were both exhausted and it was about time to go back to St Elena and relax a bit before dinner and visiting the frog Pond.

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