Extreme Canopy

So. Today has been one of the most extreme days, not just during this vacation, but I think the past 2-3 years or possibly even longer back.

At first we stopped for our second visit to the Frog Pond from yesterday.

However most of the frogs are asleep during the daytime and we didn’t have a guide and even we found the frogs yesterday and they were in a glass house…. we didnt find them today.

Then Magnus and I decided to go do the Canopy Extremo in Monteverde before moving on to Manuel Antonio.

First the roads and the travel conditions were horrible. The road was really really bad. Full of holes, steep hills and big rocks. With our low car we had to move on gear 1 and speed 10 kmt/ph. Arriving there we learned that the tour would take about 2 hours.

We got into our gear and got to know a few of the others before the tour started.

The guides showed us how to break, how to conduct ourselves and how to keep balanced while canopying.

Dressed up and ready.

Magnus ready for adventure


In between the rides we had to walk up and down (but mostly up) the mountain hills to reach the station bridges from where we would jump out.

It was burning hot and we were all panting when we reached the top.

For some of the trips we had to go tandem.

We also got to rappell! It was a 30 meter vertical drop from a platform that is located in a huge tree which towers above the ground.

It was a really cool experience and by the rappelling station we saw a coral snake.

Only one of the stations scared me. It was the tarzan swing. Standing on top of the station. Its a swing of 30 meters and reaching a height of about 50 meters!

I was first one out for all the zip lines, including the Tarzan Swing. It was an awesome adventure, but…  This one was shit scary!

The last line was 1 km long. It was the superman line. This was by far the coolest!!

It was sooo exiting and such a wonderful view. What was different about it from the others was that we were not seated, but flying freely like superman.

Entering the last station. Adrenaline is pumping! This was an awesome experience!!! By far the best Canopy experience I have done.

Check out this video on youtube:

However…. I must admit that right now. I have NO desire or need whatsoever to continue on the adrenaline rush!!! I had enough for one day! And we still have to drive from Monteverde to Sardinal which is an adrenaline rush in itself!!


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