Driving from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio

From the Extreme Canopy Adventure we started driving back towards Santa Elena and then through the city and towards Sardinal.

We had about 2 hours of extreme driving on dirt and gravel roads with huge dust clouds each time someone passed us. Aircondition instaed of open windows was the solution.

Magnus drove most of the way from Santa Elena and I read maps as to where we were going. From Sardinal we drove onto the PanAmerican Highway and then we went towards Puntarenas, up towards Atenas and Oritina and then we finally turned towards Jaco Beach and the coast again.

From here on I was really surprised of how nice the roads were. Its not just that I have been driving on these bad gravel roads, but they are really nice. No holes and markings and good roads all over.

At Playa Hermosa we stopped for a swim in the ocean, to watch the sunset and to have dinner at “Dos Gringos” Cafe. Its quite a nice place to go.

Water was amazing and we had beautiful waves hitting shore forming perfect rip curls for the surfers. A beautiful view.

After dinner we hit the road again. This time I continued as a chofer. It was dark already and from there on the roads were still nice, but no lights along the road, no markings and cars coming towards us with full lights on made the conditions challenging. Some places they had reflexes and markings so at least you knew where to drive in your own lane, but other stretches had nothing. I drove slowly and cars kept passing us all the time. Oh well.

Finally we arrived at Quepos / Manuel Antonio around 9 PM and we chose a hostel called Vista Serena where the first person we run into is the only couchsurfer Magnus had sent a request for to stay with in Manuel Antonio, blaming that she didn’t understand how to reply the request… Having been an active member for some years… credibility sank quickly.

Anyways it was awesome to check in, have a shower and finally sit down. We got a private room with shared kitchen, living room and bathroom. The other room that we shared area with inhabited Jenni and Thomas, a nice US / Swiss couple.


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