Lunch at Playa Dominical

This morning we set off from Manuel Antonio, with a short stop in Quepos, towards Hacienda Baru and Dominical Beach.

It was a nice drive. Roads were good and the distance was not too far. Just 44 km. We reached Hacienda Baru at 10:30 and registered for the Night in the Jungle Hike. The Night in the Jungle tour was pre-booked since quite a while, but we just wanted to let them know we were there before we took off for Lunch at Playa Dominical.

Dominical Beach is just 3 kms away from Hacienda Baru and it is a great surfing beach. However it is not so nice for the regular swimmer as you can see from the great waves (and the underwater currents which you cant see).

However I went for a swim first and then I spent the rest of the time to watch our stuff and work on making my pale nordic winter skin become less pale and more tropical just like these gringos:

For lunch we found a nice beachside Restaurant named Tortilla Flats where we ordered a casado each.

And we even have to cover up with a towel at a beach restaurant. Hrmf

Lunch was great and once done we went back to the car just to realize that none of the people that had arrived after us had considered that we were there just for lunch and the car owners were long gone by when we arrived. Hence. We were locked in. We had to find a few people with cars on the inside and maneuver through the palms and find a path through the sand to get out. Interesting, but we managed :D

Now we are back at Hacienda Baru and awaiting our night in the Jungle.


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