Tree Climbing

After the Night in the Jungle tour we were both very tired. Magnus fell asleep in the Hammocks and I rested by the Pool for a an hour (which resulted in a nice Lobster red bikini lining WITH the sun block). Once we were able to check in we could relax  a bit indoor, take a shower after the hike in the jungle and sleep a bit. Not too much because todays big adventure started at 2PM

We had ordered a Tree Climb.

We met up with our guides (Juan Ramon and Carlos) and then we set out for a hike in the jungle for about 35 minutes. Juan Ramon was on the lookout for animals and Carlos exlpained some of the history of the area to us.
As I spoke with the guides I learned that Juan Ramon has been at the farm for 22 years and that he and Jack Ewing (owner of Hacienda Baru)  were the ones that started the ASANA program to conserve nature and preserve wildlife by allowing to regrow the forest that once was cut down to create natural corridors for the animals to continue to be wild! ASANA means Asociación Amigos de la Naturaleza del Pacífico Central y Sur (Friends of Nature of the Central and Southern Pacific Coast), Costa Rica.
Juan Ramon is also one of the characters in Jacks book, Monkeys are made from Chocolate.

At the Tree we were to check our equipment and mount to the ropes and then we were tought how to climb.

It was really cool, but I was seriously tired from all the adventures today and agreed with myself that I was happy to go up 12 meters. I didn’t need more adventures today ! I am quite proud I managed 12 meters though !!

Magnus climbed all the way to the top!

Then the guides helped us so that we could rappell down and then we all hiked back to the farm. It was an awesome experience!


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