Hacienda Baru to Bahia Drake

We set off quite early from Hacienda Baru this morning (just after breakfast) and drove the 55 km down the coast to Sierpe. Sierpe is a port and there we parked the car, got some cash and got all the stuff we needed for Corcovado. From Sierpe we had to take a taxi boat further on to Bahia Drake.

The boat trip took us about 40 minutes and it was quite a nice trip. A nice Canadian couple shared on the sun-block that I had stuffed away in my back-pack in the front of the boat. Most of the trip was uneventful, but we did run on a sandbank once. However all went well and we continued shortly after.

When we arrived at El Mirador Lodge we were picked up by Bob, a long time staying Canadian friend of the owners of the hotel. We were taken up the hill to the hotel and boy does it have a beautiful view.

The first person we run into at the hotel is another swedish guy, Jerker (he goes under the name Jack in english while travelling), and we were served a delicious lunch. After lunch Jerker and Magnus went for a walk and I stayed behind to relax and update my blog. As the day went on and the night was approaching – who other shows up at the hotel to search for our new Swedish friend, Jerker, than Magnus’ parents (that we also met in Manuel Antonio National Park and went for dinner with at El Avion Restaurant).

They had befriended Jerker the previous day and just came to search for him to say goodbye because it was their last night in Bahia Drake.

Magnus sure was surprised when he and Jerker came back for Dinner.

At the Mirador Lodge they server fantastic food. 3 meals are included each day in your stay and the price is quite reasonable. For dinner there is 3 courses. Delicious meals and dessert !!! Oh so yummy :D Today we had salad, casado and flan de coco for dinner. Magnus’ parents stayed at the hotel until after dinner and we had time to talk a bit before they moved on.

And after yet another very eventful day I crashed in my bed just after 9pm.


5 responses to “Hacienda Baru to Bahia Drake

  1. Sounds delightful! I love the photos you include. Enjoy.

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