Hacienda Baru

Since we got home from the Night in the jungle trip and the Tree Climb tour we have spent our time relaxing at Hacienda Baru National wildlife Refugee, the home of Jack Ewing – the author of Monkeys are made of Chocholate. I bought this book 5 years ago and enjoyed its reading so much I HAD to visit the farm and the place I had read so much about.

Monkeys are Made of Chocolate is a series of short stories about the life on the farm, Ecotourism and how Hacienda Baru went from a Cattle Ranch / Rice Farming to an Eco-Tourism farm. Parts of it was also used for Cacao Trees.

The Cacao Plant.

At the Hacienda now there is a lot of Eco Tourism activities. Tree Climb, Night in the Jungle, A Butterfly Farm, An Orchid Garden, Bird Watching, Jungle Trails, Mangrove Walks, Night Hikes, Canopy and Zip Lines.

For  Recreational activities there is a gorgeous swimming pool and really nice condos. Our condo was really nice and spacious and we enjoyed delicious food from the cafeteria as well. The Hacienda is surrounded by beautiful Nature with lots of birds.

I enjoyed a lot to get to know the man behind one of my favourite books and stay at Hacienda Baru.

However we had to move on early the next morning to be in Sierpe in time for the 11:30 boat to Bahia Drake.


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