Getting to know Bahia Drake

After having spent all morning hiking in Corcovado National Park we just wanted to relax and get to know the city where we are staying currently, Bahia Drake or Drake Bay in English.

Drake Bay is a tiny village. It has 3 small supermercados. One of them doesn’t even have a door. Wonder how they keep people and animals from stealing stuff after hours…

There is a main road through the city, but its really not a lot of stuff along it. A few hotels, lodges and hostels as well as a few restaurants and a souvenir shop. Not really too much to look at, but perfect for a visit for a few days.

Bahia Drake Main Street.

And most importantly – Bahia Drake has an Ice Cream shop. My gosh was it good to relax (and cool down with an Ice Cream). We live relatively healthy during this trip. We try to have our share of fruits – hence we have a Banana Split a day. It contains Banana, Strawberry Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream and Fig Ice Cream (or at least mine did) and Cream on top and everyone knows that Milk is healthy for you :D

After the Ice Cream we went down to the beach and walked along the beach to find our way home to our hotel. During our walk we ran into Angela (the Swiss girl that we met in Manuel Antonio) and she told us she is also going to go snorkeling at Isla del Caño tomorrow.

Once back at the hotel we watched another gorgeous sunset.

For dinner our Chefs at the Mirador Lodge served a delicious soup as an entrance, then we got Arroz con Cerdo and Chocolate Flan. Sooo delicious. I was lucky enough to get the recipy as well!

We also found out that the earthquake that woke us up this morning had its epicenter just 44 km south of quepos and 100 km north of Bahia Drake. The quake measured 6.0 on Richters scale. No wonder we woke up by shaking and squeeking beds and stuff falling down.


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