Snorkeling with Sharks @ Cano Island

Today is Valentines day and being single for me the best way to celebrate this day of friendship and love is to spend it in a huge group snorkeling the tropic waters of Caño Island in the Pacific.

Magnus today went with a different group to go diving and I went with the snorkeling group. We were picked up at the same time. The french couple we got to know at the hotel last night came with me to the snorkelling trip.

We were picked up at 7am and today our boat didn’t rush to get to the island as fast as we had driven yesterday to Sirena. Yesterday our mission had been to arrive as early as possible. Todays mission was to try to spot dolphins, whales and turtles on our way there.

A gay shark

And we saw 3 Olive Ridley Sea Turtles.

Arriving at the island we put on our snorkeling gear and jumped into the water where a new world opened up for our eyes. Fishes in any kind of color (and shape) appeared in front of our eyes. Tigerfish, Dogsnapper, Red Snapper, Yellow Puff fish, Rainbow fish, blue and yellow fish, green and blue fish, puffers, snapper, parrot fish, surgeon fish, barber fish and eels below the crashing of the azure tinted waves.

The first session was for almost an hour (thankfully I have and extra water resistant sunblock) and in top of all the colorful fishes, we even got to see a few sharks !!! They are white reef-tip sharks and not agressive at all (however I should probably not say that – because that takes all the exitement out of it.

We went on shore to the gorgeous beach for lunch and our guides set up a lovely buffet table for us to enjoy.

While we enjoyed our lunch we had a few Jesus Christ Lizards checking us out.

After lunch we went out again. This time in a little deeper waters. However due to the amount of waves the water was not so clear and we had to move closer to shore to get better visibility. Here it was great visibility and we saw another shark as well.

On our way back we were lucky enough to see a mama Humpback whale with a young one.

When we got back to Bahia Drake Mary and David (France) and I went for a swim at the beach outside of our hotel. Having spent the whole day in the water – we just needed to get another swim. It was soooo nice. Temperatures in the water are lovely here. Spending hours in the water you still dont feel cold.


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