Valentines Day – Happy Love and Friendship day!

Being Single is not always easy, nor fun, on Valentines day.

However in Costa Rica, the first time I was here in 1993, I realized Valentines day here was not just a celebration for couples and lovers.  It was also the day of the friendship where friends would give eachother small tokens (everything from a cute sticker to a postcard – I still have saved all of those gifts from those 19 years ago in my photo album) of their friendship. This is a way that everyone should celebrate Valentines in my mind, to not exclude groups of the population.

In Norway it is a tradition that has come with the years and its all about couples, love and more couples. It is a nice way to feel excluded and if you are in responded love – it is one of the nicest days, but if you are single or heartbroken – its quite sad to be reminded of everyone else celebrating the love you can not take part in.

So Today I am sharing the love.

Happy Valentines day to all my Friends!
Happy Valentines day to all my family members (Parents, siblings, cousins, Uncles, aunts, grandma, remote cousins etc.)!
Happy Valentines day to all of you in Couples!
Happy Valentines day to all of you being Single on this day!
Happy Valentines to all the readers of my blog!

Happy Valentines Day to all kids and adults and Everyone that wants a part of feeling any kind of love today and any day, not just the being in love kind of love!

I wish YOU – yes YOU – an awesome day !

Big Hugs and you will always be in my heart!


5 responses to “Valentines Day – Happy Love and Friendship day!

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  3. So true. Costa Rica has it right I think,, à day of love for everyone, and appreciating each other. Lots of love back to you Marianne!

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