Relaxing Day at El Mirador Lodge

As Magnus left early this morning I had no program planned other than relaxing and that was really necessary. I am starting to feel really exhausted by now from the high level of activities that we have had lately and I know I have a REALLY long drive ahead of me tomorrow – hence I have to be fit for fight. So after breakfast I went back to my room for a nap.

At 10 AM Angela from Switzerland came to the hotel to visit me and we spent a nice time talking.

When she left I went back to sleep and thats how my day passed.

Just before Sunrise we all went up to El Mirador to watch the Sunset.

David and Mary from France (living in Canada)

For dinner a lot of other travellers that we had met during out roundtrip of Costa Rica had joined us at the hotel as well. Kasper and Claudia (Switzerland from Arenal Hike), Jerker (Sweden), Kathy and Mark (Canada), Todd (Houston, Texas), Mary and David (France) and Bob (Canada). We were served an amazingly good chicken with fresh fruits for dessert and a lovely brokkoli soup as an apetizer.

Todd, Jerker, Canadian family and Mark and Kathy

Mark and Kathy


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