Meeting up with the cousins in San Jose.

This morning I woke up late and helped mami clean and dust at Lorenas place. Then we had lunch before I took a bus in to San Jose where I walked around downtown. I found the famous souvenir shop La Casona which is mid downtown and really easy to find just a few 100 meters away from The National Theatre and the Gold Museum in San Jose.

I found a few nice gifts there (to myself and a few friends) and then I found the Universal book store where I picked up a few books (MORE books… ) before I went for an Ice Cream at Pops Ice Cream store. Thats a lovely break!

My cousin Carlitos came to pick me up outside the national theatre at 5:45 and took me to Paolas place where Tia Flor, Jessica, Paola and lots of Paola and Jessicas cousins where united for a baby shower.

Tia Flor, Cousin Jessica and me

Cousin Paola and me

Cousin Paola, Me, Cousin Jessica and Tia Flor

The babyshower turned into a party and Cousin Francisco came by to see me as well. It was great to see my cousins again and make new friends at the same time :D

Paola y jessica y fran donde paola


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