Eye Checkup – Cirurgia Ocular y Laser

I used to bzse visually impaired for many years. I was born with myopia and I used glasses since I was 11 years old. My vision was so poor by that age, that I could not see what was on the TV screen unless I was seated closer than 1 meter away from the TV.

What is Myopia?
Myopia is an abnormal disorder of the eye in which objects close to the eye produce clear images because parallel rays of light are brought to a focus before they reach the retina, but far away vision is blurry.

On the other hand, when you have a Normal Eye vision, light rays converge at one point on the retina and you will be able to see clearly both near and far.

For most people their eyesight is something they take for granted. Being able to see clearly since they were kids until one day their vision starts changing during their mid 40’s and they will gradually gain a minor hyperopia (far-sighted) or a slight myopia, maybe they will not even notice their new disorder at all.

However, both my parents have myopia and I probably inherited it from them.

I had managed to hide my visual disorder for my parents for a long time which was probably also part of the reason as to why my vision only got worse over the next few years instead of stabilizing when I got my first set of glasses. They were soft pink and big. Very fashionable for kids back in the 80’s, but horrible when I look at pictures now.

I would never have been able to manage without glasses. Even with glasses I had problems seeing sometimes. As I grew older, my vision decreased.

LASIK surgery
Back in march 2003 I had Lasik eye surgery to correct my myopia. I had my operation in Costa Rica. Just 10 days prior to my trip my glasses broke. Again.
I was sooo  frustrated after cost increase, again and again and again for glasses, repairs, contacts and such and I decided to just get it done.

So there I was. I found the clinic where I wanted to have my operation and I had my eyes checked if I was eligible to have the operation done.

I checked all the information about the clinic prior to going there. Dr. Perdomo was the doctor with the best reputation in Costa Rica and his curricula is impressing.

I decided that he was just the doctor for me and I was right. He was professional to the fingertips, explained everything to me as a patient during the whole time of the operation. He also gave me a paper copy of all the tests they had performed prior to the operation.

Today I went back to his office to have a check-up and verify the current status of my vision.

The employees recognized me from the operation visit and the last time I had a check-up in 2007 and it was a nice visit. However this time things went a LOT faster than last time that I spent more than 4.5 hours just for the check-up. Today I was done after 1.5 hours including exams, time for the anesthetic drops to work, time for the pupils to open up for the test and the final visit with the doctor.  When I was operated in 2oo3 I was patient 7193 (I think) and last time I had my checkup about 11000 people had had the operation at Dr Perdomos clinic. Today when I asked the number was over 30 000 patients. So the past 5 years the number of patients has increased incredibly.

On the good news: My Vision is now at 20/15 which is actually better than it was 5 years ago for my last check/up when it was 20/20 which is perfect vision :D
Ain’t that just sweet?

PS: All professional Information and pictures in this post are borrowed from Dr. Perdomos Webpage Cirurgia Ocular y Laser

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