Laundry day, Tanning and Shopping

I woke up at 8 am this morning. I have been really tired and possibly even exhausted lately and this is still quite late according to my routine, but I know that in just a few days I will have gotten into my Liberia rythm again.

I spent ALL morning washing, drying and folding clothes. Thankfully due to the hot sun and the wind the clean clothes dried up real fast and I was able to take down the first clean and dry clothes long before I finished washing my clothes.
Mami’s washer is not like mine at home and I had to wash all my interiors by hand. Hehehe. Interesting !

At 1 PM when I was done with my laundry I went down to Hotel El Sitio to tan and work. I spent some time tanning and some time working to put in hours for my work at home. I have to catch up on what has been going on at home now.

On my way home I stopped at Jumbo food store at Santa Rosa Mall and picked up food and stuff I want to bring home. I had 6 bags of stuff :D Well. CR is far away and Im not likely to come back next month. I have to make sure what I bring will last me some while :D I bought Coffee, Salsa Lizano, Leche en Polvo, Frijoles (both black and red). Still I need a few more things, but now I have almost everything I need.

I got a cab back home and when I got home Mami had made a delicious dinner.

After dinner I started packing my stuff. I need to check whether I need to check 3 suitcases or check 2 and send 1 as un-accompanied luggage. But its totally worth it to bring home all of this local food that I always miss so much when I dont have it available.

Mami and I watched CSI before going to bed. Its so nice to sit up with mami like this.


2 responses to “Laundry day, Tanning and Shopping

  1. Lovely day of closeness! Thanks for sharing!

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