The Civic Parties of Liberia has officially started !!

At 5 AM this morning I was awaken by bombetas and huge amounts of noise. It sounded like a war zone until the party music started (Still 5 AM) and then a huge car parade drove past the house to announce the official start of the Civic Parties in Liberia.

Las Fiestas Civicas is a huge celebration each year in Liberia (most cities in Costa Rica celebrates city Fiestas)

I fell asleep again and woke up at 7 am and went for a workout in the nearby football stadium. Each morning I do 10 rounds around the football field. Then I had a shower before Leyla came to give me a pedicure and a manicure! Oh so nice! I love treating myself to things like this when Im down here and have time for them !

My next mission for the day was Hotel El Sitio. The Hotel has the best swimming pool in town and INTERNET – which gives me the opportunity to catch up on work and tan during breaks. I stayed at El Sitio until 5 PM and then I went to see my friend Ana before I had my appointment with my Personal Trainer, Diego, at the Gym.

After my 2nd workout session today I went back to Anas and then we went together for Ice Cream at the Italian Ice Cream store that I still hadn’t noticed that was there… WOW Awesome Ice Cream  !!!!!! AWESOME !!!!

While we sat down having our delicious Helados (Ice Cream) there was a huge Civic Fiestas activity going on in front of us, in the park, the Queen of the Civic parties was being elected and crowned and then there was fireworks !

Concerts in the park in front of the park

The Candidates to be the Queen of the Civic Parties of Liberia 2012

When I got home Mami was still up watching the bullfights on TV and I sat down with her to watch. I have to go see them IRL one of these days :D


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