Relaxing in the sun and party with friends

I woke up to another beautiful day in Liberia and i decided to spend it outside in the sun. People here are all geared up because of the local Fiestas and the daily horse parades. Lots of Caballeros are everywhere to be seen, dressed up in traditional Cowboy outfits. It is so cool.

I went to spend the day at El Sitio again where I had this little fellow joining me for company.

It was a beautiful day and I went home late afternoon to spend some time with my family before I had plans to meet up with my friends at Brasas Restaurante y Grill.

My friends are some of my class mates from back when I attended school here in Liberia and today we have planned a class reunion party :D We weren’t many because one of our class mates was celebrating his second wedding today and many of our class mates were invited to the wedding celebration. However some had taken their time to meet me and we had a very nice time !

Marlen with a bottle of Bavaria.

Eddy, Erick, Rita, Me and Marlen.

It was a very nice party and very nice to meet up with my friends :D It was so good to have some quality time with these friends of mine that I hardly ever have the chance to see and spend time with.

The party lasted into the small hours and we all had a very good time !!

My friends Eddy, Erick, Rita, Me & Marlen


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