Tope de los Ninos

and as the sun set over the city the children rode into the sunset with it…

and down to the park by the post office where there were concerts and lots of fun for the kids.

During the Fiestas de Liberia there are horse parades every day. Today was the Kids horse parade and my little nephew Luis had recieved a special initation  as a participant in the parade.

I spent the morning at home, but I did go to the pharmacy to talk to a doctor and since I have still not shown any signs of getting better from the shot I got on sunday I got antibiotics to get well.

At 11 I went to El Sitio to rest in the sun for a few hours. I was burning with fever and went to cook the fever away in the 35C (shadow) hot temperature. I had to cool off in the swimming pool every now and then, but it was a nice way of cooling down.

In the afternoon I had decided that no matter what – I didn’t want to miss out on my “nephew” participating in the horseparade :D

I was home at 3pm and walked downtown with Natasha and Rydell and we met up with the rest of the group in front of Jauja Restaurant.

Luis is a heartbreaker. Here mommy Roxana is preparing him for the parade.

All done !

Roxana with Natasha !

Natasha & Rydell

Roshys friend Judy with her daughter, Jimena, who also participated in the parade.

Parents guiding the kids in the horse parade. Here Roxana and Luis.

It was a lovely parade and the kids were handed ice cream from representants from Dos Pinos (one of the ice cream producers in Costa Rica) and there was music and lots of fun for the kids. After the parade Natasha, Rydell and myself went down to the park in front of the post office (that I never remember the name of). We stopped for delicious ice cream at the Italian ice cream store and then we went down to the park. By this point I was rather exhausted and decided it was time to go home in a cab (which is just 3-4 USD so its totally worth it).

At home I spent time with Mami and Papi where we after dinner watched the bullfights down at the Arena as well as the Novela, Los Herederos del Monte.

A wonderful day despite being sick !


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