Going Extreme…

I’m what you normally call an office rat. I dont lead a boring life, but sometimes quite quiet.

However this trip has been all about the extremes whether that be sports or other extreme experiences. The only extreme experiences I miss out on this time are Bungee Jumping and River Rafting and with all the other action from this trip… I’m happy to pass on that!

I had a lot of exiting adventures during these 5 weeks in Costa Rica:

Like the Earthquake that reached 6.0 on Richters Scale where we were less than 100 Kms from the epicenter. Thankfully it only lasted 15 seconds and hence no big damage was done. However it was quite exiting while it lasted !

Swimming in Tropical Waters – with Sharks, Whales, Sting Rays, venomous JellyFish like the Portuguese Man o War  – (Thankfully febuary is off season for the man o war, but watch out in june / july when you are swimming. I was actually hit by one of the Portuguese man of War back in 1999 and Man do they hurt. 2 hours of intense pain. Imagine a kickboxer kicking you straight in solar plexus with all the force in the world and that pain stays for 2-3 hours before fading. On top of that the venom will make you feel nauseous and dizzy. The scar from the tentacles lasted 9 months).

Tree Climbing – At Hacienda Baru with Rapelling to get down. This part was really cool, but I was tired before I started and just wanted to sleep :D

Extreme Canopy with the Tarzan Swing, Rappelling and the 1 km Superman flight to top it. This was just amazing. Really awesome.

Night Hikes in the Jungle – Meeting some of the most poisonous snakes in the world. They say that you never see 99% of the snakes hiding in the jungle. On this trip I have seen 6 snakes. This means I have walked past a minimum of 594 other snakes … Only God knows how many of them were poisonous. And then to top that venomous spiders, frogs, scorpions and lots of other creatures!
Night Hike in Monteverde.

Driving in Costa Rica is in some areas quite innocent, but then you get to more metropolitan areas and you just realize you drive like them or you die.
You honk the horn, you drive on yellow and red lights, you squeeze in front of other cars (or they will never let you have your turn and the people behind you will honk their horns angrily at you).
Apart from this in most areas the roads are really bad.

As if Driving in Costa Rica is not extreme enough – try Driving in Costa Rica at night !
Why is this so extreme? Try driving on roads that has no markings in the road, no lights to show you where the edges end and cars driving towards you with their lights blinding you and suddenly you realize 3 cars on a row comes towards you in your lane passing the 4 cars in the other

And just to push it up a few step: Drive a car in the Metropolitan areas: AT NIGHT!  Man I was scared shitless. But again. A thrill out of few.

Heredia to Liberia
Volcan Poas
Sierpe to Heredia
Hacienda Baru to Sierpe
Manuel Antonio to Hacienda Baru
Monteverde to Manuel Antonio
Fortuna de San Carlos to Monteverde
Liberia to Fortuna de San Carlos
Playa Potrero


I need to reconsider my normally quiet life in Norway :D


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