Good bye dinner with Mami and Papi

It’s my last night in Liberia and I chose to spend it taking my host parents out for dinner. This amazing couple that took me in, hosted me, took care of me and loved me like one of their own kids for a full year 19 years ago – that continues to love me and care for me like I am one of their own kids.

First we picked up Consuelo. Consuelo is one of mamis friends and she is also a common friend of Doña Xinnia Guevara from Cañas, Guanacaste, that used to be the Costa Rican Ambassador in Norway and Scandinavia from 2003 to 2007. Consuelo and Xinnias sister Zedy came to visit Xinnia and myself back in Norway.

We went to a lovely restaurant downtown Liberia where we had dinner and drinks and many good laughs. There was 6 big screens showing a football game between La Liga Deportiva and Cartago, but frankly I wasn’t much interested in the game and while Papi did pay attention, us women were cackeling and enjoying a few good drinks and our lovely meal!

Papi y Mami

Consuelo and myself

Papi having a good laugh!

My lovely Mami

Papi, Mami and me :D

After dinner we went to drop off Consuelo at her home before we went home ourselves. It was a lovely end to my stay and I got to spend some quality time with Mami and Papi outside of home as well. I am thoroughly thankful to have this set of parents in my life!


2 responses to “Good bye dinner with Mami and Papi

  1. Such a beautiful story of a family! I,too,have a special family that I spent two years with while in university. I love them and visit them often.

    • Thank you. Unfortunately they live a bit too far awat for me to be able to visit them often, but I visit them as often as I can.
      They are really lovely.

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