My last day at home for this time

Liberia is home for me – just as Norway is home and … today is the last day I have the chance of being here, for this time. I will always come back to this place as it is my second home and it will always be.

I started my day with a 6am workout at the gym with Diego. It was hard as I was still not feeling so well from my cold, but I managed and that was a great achievement !

Then I went home and spent many hours packing and repacking and repacking again.

After lunch mami decided that we go downtown to find me a gift from her and then she took me to see my old exchange studen councellor, Dona Ivonne, that was working in a huge petstore downtown. She was thrilled to see me as I was to see her :D

I also joined mami to pay some of her bills and we had a very nice time running errands. Then we went home and I had to repack some more to fit the gifts Dona Ivonne and Mami had given me. I spent some time with my sister and then prepared for dinner with my host parents.




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