Metamorfosis en el Cielo / Metamorphosis In The Sky

Metamorphosis in the sky is a book written by Mathias Malzieu, the lead singer of the french band Dionysos, among several other books. I just bought it when I was in Costa Rica and for now it has only come out in Spanish and French, but both the previous books written by Mathias Malzieu have been translated into english and you shoud try to get a hold of this beautiful book when it gets out in english (unless you read english or french).

I totally loved it. It is about a man that does everything to follow his dreams, even if it can cost him his life. He just does NOT want to be like everyone else and he does not feel life is worth living without the exitement of his half crazy acrobatic stunts.

Everyone has dreams and Tom Cloudmans greatest dream is to fly.
Because of this Tom is an acrobat (Some say he is the worst acrobat in the world) and a specialist in taking risks because this makes him feel closer to heaven. Tom is more famous for failing and making a spectacle of himself, than for his spectacular show.

No risk is high enough, no danger big enough and between high risk jumps and piruettes his body wears down and ages far prior to his age. His bones have been broken so many times that they have started to creak. Cuts, bruises, nerve problems and paralized muscles are just a few of the after effect of all of his crazy stunts and one day Tom is in a car accident that takes him to the hospital. When he wakes up he is at the oncology department in the hospital and he is told that the cancer has already spread beyond treatment in his vertebral column.

But Toms destiny is not that of most of us and following his story, we learn that during one of his nightly walks around the hospital (stealing feathers from the other patients pillows to make himself a set of wings). One morning he wakes up to find a picture of a man with a birds head and wings by his bed. Another day he is out walking he discoveres a red feather that falls on his shoes, soon thereafter another falls on his head and looking up he sees a rainfall of red feathers coming from just above the hospital. Are the feathers falling from heavens doors?
Following the feathers, he ends up at the roof of the hospital where he finds a stairway covered in feathers. He climbs up to find the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, half bird, half woman. He falls in love with her immediately and the birdwoman tells him that she can give him what he wants most. She can teach him to fly. But first he has to accept the conditions that she has. She tells him to come back the next day, but Tom has already decided. He wants to learn to fly.

The birdwoman presents her terms to him. He can abandon his human life for a new adventures. “I can convert you into a bird and cure you, but you would have to accept all the consequenses. To activate your metamorphosis you have to make love to me. If Tom is true to his feelings, he has to walk down the irreversible path, transform and abandon his human life. And.. Are we able to convert for love?

Tom accepts the terms and makes love to the birdwoman and he is set back when he watches her turn into a human woman before his eyes and he finds his doctor at the oncology department. Toms metamorphosis is slow and he is getting sicker and weaker from his cancer day by day.

The metamorphosis can save his life. Or not.

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