Aberdeen Beach & Shopping

Anni and I woke up a bit late and enjoyed a relaxing morning. The weather was rather good and we decided to take a walk along the city beach and then go for breakfast at the beach.

We got dressed and set off into the nice day through Aberdeen towards the shore and the beaches. We passed the Amusement park and headed down to walk on the beach. The waves had made beautiful patterns in the sand there was the cutest dog, running up and down to avoid the water, but still playing with it.

The Aberdeen Beach Promenade

A Paddle Surfer. Awesome techniques.

After our stroll on the beach we stopped at the Sand Dollar Cafe where we had pancakes and bacon for lunch. It was so good.

Me and Anni at the Sand Dollar Cafe for lunch.

After lunch we walked in to the city centre where we walked around for a little just enjoying the day.

The Merekat Cross

After we were done with the sightseeing and it was time to move towards home, we stopped by Bon Accord Shopping center again where we were only supposed to check out something, but ended up staying another hour at Laura Ashley.

Today I got a few more items, and by now my pile of new clothes has gotten this high:

I also got a tax free form to complete for all the shopping I had done to see if I could get some money back on the taxes.

For dinner we went up to a nearby Indian restaurant  and brought with us some food so that we wouldnt have to make dinner :D We shared a bottle of red wine and had a very nice evening.


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