Returning from Aberdeen to Oslo

This morning I had to get up early and finish the last bit of the packing before I would have to leave. Every ounce of the suitcases were very carefully packed and weighed and when I was ready I woke Anni up so that we could have breakfast together before I had to leave.

I stopped by the Laura Ashley store at the Bon Accord Shopping Center, but this time only to get help with all the recipts and the tax free shopping forms so that I could send that before leaving Scotland. As it turned out I had gotten the wrong form yesterday and hence I got the new form today and they helped me completed it before I had to leave.

As soon as I was done at the Laura Ashley store I went to the bus stop for the airport bus and i was taken to the Aberdeen airport.

My flights back home were quite uneventful, however when I got back I was greeted by the catsitter who had prepared me a lovely meal and a very happy cat that was happy mommy was home. The catsitter left after dinner and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home with kitty.


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