The Holmenkollen Relay Race

Today I participated in a Relay Race here in Oslo with a group of colleagues from work. The Holmenkollen Relay Race is a race that is organized every year. It is actually the largest relay event in the world and in 2011 it had more than 33000 participants. This year 2727 teams and 40.905 participants joined. The race was organized for the 82nd time.

A lot of serious athletes participate each year and… of course a lot of unserious ones!  When we signed up, the message was – we don’t sign up to win, but to go out for dinner afterwards. My kind of thing.

So on the day of the race we met up, had our picture taken (me being the photographer) and set of to find our posts.

My colleagues pre-race at the office. Unfortunately not everyone were present for the picture.

We left and went into the city where we split and went to each our leg post and started warming up and preparing for our leg of the relay.

Me at St.Hans haugen, right next to my post. ->

I was scheduled to run the third leg and as soon as I got the baton from my colleague I set off to the next post. I was quite happy with myself as I actually managed to run most of the leg. I had to walk a tiny part of it while catching my breath as my astma was killing me, despite taking my meds just prior to my run. But I managed to run most of the leg and for that I am proud!

Once had passed on the baton – I returned to my switch point where my colleague that ran leg 2 was waiting for me with my bag that I passed on to him when I got the baton. Together we walked to the end point (panting and coughing to catch our breaths) where we found our colleague who was running the last leg and we waited with him till it was his turn and then we cheered him on for the last stretch.

It was a great day and we rounded up the evening by going out for dinner :D

We had a very nice time dining out and the food was absolutely delicious. A perfect end to a very nice day with colleagues !


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