Oslo – Copenhagen – Amsterdam – Den Haag

Last thursday (Yes, Only 4 days ago) I was called in for a new project at work (as I was finishing up my last project on friday in Oslo) in Netherlands. Thing is that I was given a very short notice (just 4 days incl. the day of travel) and I still don’t know for how long Ill stay. Either it will be 2 weeks, 3, 4 or 5 weeks. So I stressed around all weekend washing clothes, packing (not knowing for how long… its a bit difficult to know how much to bring), finding a catsitter and cleaning the house (which looked like a mess after 2 weeks of 10-12 hour work days)… Busy weekend :D

This morning I was really early at the airport because the security guards are on strike because they want a pay raise (Well, who doesn’t? I would like my salary, just paid the same amount twice a month instead of once a month) and all travellors were adviced to be at the airport between 3 and 4 hours prior to their flight. It took me 1,5 hours just to go through the security waiting line.

My flights were good, I arrived well in Amsterdam after a short stopover in Copenhagen and got my train tickets to Den Haag. It took me an hour to get to Den Haag and check in to the hotel. I was quite tired from being so busy this weekend so I decided to take a powernap :D

For dinner I met up with a friend and we went to a nearby restaurant for good food and a few glasses of wine. It was really nice to meet again and we had a good time catching up at Restaurant Boterwaag.

Excellent food. Nice company.

So, here I am. In Netherlands. For a few weeks! Yay :D

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