First day at work in Den Haag

When I got up this morning I had arranged to meet my project colleague in the cafeteria of the hotel for breakfast both to get to know him and for him to show me where we work :D

The breakfast wasn’t all that to brag about. They had poor offerings for gluten intolerance. Egg and fruit is not at all that fulfilling if you have only that :D

We live downtown Den Haag and we work in the Laak area. My colleague has made a habit of walking to work each day and I joined him for his walk as I also would get to know the way and parts of the city :D

Den Haag has a lot of these small canals and it looks lovely.

We walked both to work and back from work in the afternoon which is about 2 good hours of walk. If I do this every day… Ill get in a good shape by the end of my stay :D

For dinner my colleague and I went to a Indonesian restaurant called Garoeda.

Garoeda is located in Kneuterdijk, Den Haag and serves lovely food! I had a really nice dish and the atmosphere was very nice. I would definately come back here!

After dinner I went back to my hotel. Due to a conference in Den Haag, most hotels are pretty busy and I had to move to the other side of town to find a place to stay tonight. I spent the night at Novotel World Forum with a beautiful view of the World Forum of Den Haag.

I also had a gorgeous view over the beautiful sunset over Scheveningen:

I was even upgaded from my original room to a an excecutive room :D
Which was quite nice!!!


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