Den Haag, Netherlands to Gent, Belgium

This morning I was so tired I was not able to get up early what so ever. My head was heavy after another night of not so good sleep. Thankfully noone had partied in the hotel hallway, but I kept worrying about oversleeping (dont really know why as it doesnt really matter if I enter at 7, 8 or 9 or inbetween) and my stomach hurt all night.

Once I was ready I checked out of the hotel and hopped in a cab to go to work with all my luggage. Thankfully my employer let me store the big luggage at the office and that helped me out heaps – only having to bring the carry on size luggage and I was off to Den Haag Hollands Spoor station where I took the train towards Brussels and Gent to visit my friends Steven and Katrien.

The guy next to me at the train slept through most of the ride waking up every now and then wondering how long it was left till his final destination.

In Mechelen I changed train and I had to run as our train got in a bit late and then I almost missed the train to Gent, but I made it just before the doors were closing :D

Steven met me at the station and we drove home to meet Katrien and leave my luggage in the house. Katrien was in a rush as she had dinner plans she could not cancel, but we planned to meet up with her later on.

Steven took me sightseeing around in Gent where we had a chance to catch up since last we met, had a few good laughs, taking pictures and visiting touristic sites.

Steven in front of the Gravensteen castle in Gent (that dates as far back as 1180).

A local artist group had crocheted lots of small figures that sat in the grass around the castle, in the wall and in the windows of the castle. Quite cute.

We also passed the streets where the locals have been allowed to decorate the walls of the houses with street art. It was quite cool.

At 9 PM we had a reservation at an amazing Brazilian BBQ resturant, Pampas. Their concept is that you order the BBQ menu and then they come around serving you with whatever meat is fresh and you eat all you can eat. They have all kinds of tender and delicious meat as well as BBQ’ed Pineapple which was just so awesome!  My mouth is watering just from thinking about it.

After dinner night had fallen upon us and we spent some more time talking pictures. The Gravensteen Castle looked absolutely gorgeous in the summer night!

Our next stop was to meet up with Katrien and her friends for a few drinks.

Katrien and Steven

It was a great day and great to see my friends again!


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