Gent, Belgium

This morning I slept in. It felt soooo good. This past week I have started feeling quite bad in my stomach, loss of appetite and nauxeous. Not the best when you are travelling so it was very very nice to be able to relax a bit this morning.

Before breakfast Steven and I went to Albert Heijn to pick up food for the rest of the day. I had to pick up some allergy friendly food for myself as I have started having too many problems with food this past week.

After breakfast Steven and Katrien had to run some errands and I went to explore Gent. I spent a good part of the day walking and walking around. I went shopping and photographing and enjoyed spending the day outside.

We had a beautiful weather despite the clouds and the wind.

Lots of people were enjoying the day outside.

Once I was done exploring I walked home where Julie (Katriens roommate) let me in and I started working on my expenses for work.

When Steven and Katrien came home we talked and made dinner together and enjoyed a few glasses of good red wine :D

I had a very, very nice day with my friends :D

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