Gent, Belgium to Den Haag, Netherlands

This morning Steven and I went to a local baker in the morning to pick up bread for breakfast and then Steven and Katrien took me downtown to show me a bit of Gent and spend some time together.

We had a very nice time together taking pictures, having ice-cream, eating belgian waffles as well as stopping in several different stores to buy chocolate that I could bring back to Netherlands.

Gent is a beautiful city and I wished I had so much more time there with my friends. Time to enjoy the beautiful canals and the old buildings and the city itself.

My beautiful friends!

Katrien and myself in front of the canals :D

Gent is a very beautiful city and Steven and Katrien took me to all the nice places to see and I enjoyed my visit in the city a lot.

Before I had to leave we stopped at a restaurant called the Het Spijker where we had a refreshing drink before I had to take the train back to Den Haag in the Netherlands.

I had to make a train change in Antwerp where I had some delicious fresh strawberries covered in Chocolate. They were so good!

Well back in Den Haag I checked in to the Hotel and and spent the rest of the evening just relaxing in my hotel room.


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