Joining the Gym and aquiring a Dutch Course

Today I had a very nice day. I walked back and from work and I brought my camera to take pictures along the road.

On my way back from work I signed up for the gym as I was going to stay here for over a month and may need some excersize while Im here (apart from the walking, that Im sure doing enough of down here (my total for today was over 17 000 steps!)

When I got back to the hotel I decided to rush out before the stores would be closing. I had my eyes on a book store to pick up a dutch language course seeing as I will be here for 5 weeks I might as well spend some time learning some of this language. Leaving the book store it started raining, no correcting that – pooring down again. I ended up being totally soaked in 2 minutes. No umbrella in Netherlands does that to you :D

I also went to pick up a pair of sneakers for indoor use for the gym before I went to pick up some food before I went “home” to spend a nice and relaxing evening at home.


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