Snow White and the Huntsman

Im quite surprised over this movie. I wasn’t really sure if I was watching Snow White or a mix of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, The Neverending Story and probably several other fantasy worlds as well.

Kristen Stewart is not convincing as Snow White. I just cannot help to think about Bella from Twilight when I see her. She has the same wounded look in her eyes and she is torn between two handsome guys… I mean… Twilight…

The story starts by a recap of how Snow White was born, grew up and her mother died. Her father meets the evil step mom which kills him and captures Snow White and one day she finally manages to run away….  straight into the black forest (that looks more like a mixture between the Fangorn forest (from Lord of the Rings) and the swamps of The Neverending story where Sebastian meets the Giant Turtle) where she is almost lost and faints in the forest while the evil Queens brother hunts her down to capture her and take her back to the Queen (Bella also fainted in the forest in Twilight – New Moon – which looked incredibly similar to the way she fainted in this movie)

The suddenly you feel like you are in Narnia when Snow White is picked up by the dwarves and led into fairly land where she meets the white animal king of life and she is honored and recognized as the princess she is (Azlan maybe?).

The Lord of the Rings aspect is present after one of the dwarves is killed after swearing his total loyalty to her and they head out for a walk over rugged mountains (!….) when the song Gone:

plays over the speakers reminding us about Pippin singing for the steward of Gondor while he stuffs himself with food and his last son riding into battle without father seeming to care even the least bit.

But still. As entertainment its not bad. I was just really confused by the mixture of elements and interesting play. Charlize Theron normally impresses in her roles, but in this one she seemed more like a lost and sad Queen so hungry for eternal beauty and power that her grief of becoming old just looked weird where she was looking at herself in the mirror and crying a few tears… I really didn’t get that one…

However… Interesting it was – It is far from the best movie of the year, but it has some qualities of entertainment. Just dont expect too much!

Snow White and the Huntsman on the web

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