Netherlands – Germany

This morning I woke up and set off for a beautiful morning walk to work. We had a stunning weather today again. A bit windy, but gorgeous and sunny.

I found a Jumbo Store that sold glutenfree food which was just perfect! I bought my breakfast and lunch that I brought with me for work.

During my lunch break I decided to check out some of the surroundings of my office area and found this beautiful little river right next to the office where I had a lovely time enjoying the nature.

I left work at 6pm and I stopped by at the gym where I had a nice work out before I walked the rest of the way home.

Netherlands played versus Germany and I had planned watching the game at a pub, but then I was just a tad bit too tired and decided to watch it from home and rather go out if NL won, however… I was probably just as disappointed as the dutch… Germany won :D


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