Walking on the wild side and driving through Noord Braabant

This morning Angelique was picked up by her sister to go out for the day and Maikel and I set off as well for a daytrip around the region of Noord Brabant. Our first stop was at Alfred Heijn where we picked up breakfast, SUSHI and drinks for the day.

My designated driver, Maikel

Then we headed to The Beekse Bergen Safari Park where we went for a walk on the wild side. The Safari Park is split in two parts. In one of them the animals roam free, but you can drive through the gates and watch cheetas walk right next to your car, camels and deer grassing,

On of the areas was particularly interesting. The giraffe park. I mean how often do you drive around huge creatures that walk around licking your car?

For the other part of the park you can walk around and the animals are in safe areas from the humans or for the humans. The walk was quite nice and we saw lots of nice animals.

One of the Bears had a skin disease, that he was recieving treatment for, which has caused him to loose all his fur and he looked quite sad. His friend kept him with company though.

These monkeys were so cute, they were playing with eachother and up and down and up and down and rolling around and climbing. Its quite fascinating to watch.

The park also has South American Tapirs (not the same kind that I saw in Corcovado, Costa Rica, which was the Baird’s Tapir)

When we were done walking around we went for an Ice-Cream because it was quite a lovely day and then we decided to take the long way home and look around.

From Beekse Bergen (located in Hilvarenbeek) we drove to Vught and then to Engelen before we drove to ‘s-Hertogenbosch where we stopped to look at the Bolwoningen (the Ball houses). They are small student houses, so you can actually buy a house and although it’s small it is a proper house and its yours for as long as you need it.

After that we drove to Kerkdriel and then to Alem where we took the ferry and then we followed the dijks through the village of Maren-Kessel on to the mainroad again through Lith and then on to Macharen via the dijk.

From Macharen we drove towards Oss where we had a stop for diner at Pannekoekenhous de Oude Maas.

I had Banana Pancakes with chocolate sauce. Wow. That was good !!

After dinner we drove though Oss and then back to Eindhoven and home.

Here is a map of the whole trip:

At home we started a movie, 2012, to keep us entertained until Angelique and her sister, Desiree, and brother in law, Stefan, came home from their day out and we had a nice evening at home.

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