A day at the Beach at Scheveningen

This morning I slept in. I have not really felt well for about 2 weeks now so sleeping in was lovely.

About 11 am I went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and pick up some breakfast and then I headed towards Scheveningen and the beach. I took the tram and enjoyed some nice music on my way there. Scheveningen is one of the 8 districts of The Hague.

It was a beautiful day, quite windy, but really beautiful. At the last stop of the tram line I walked towards the beach. Not so many other people were here today, but I enjoyed a long and nice walk along the left side of the pier.

I sat down to enjoy a drink at the Oase Beach Club and to enjoy the sun out of the wind, before I went over to the Restaurant area for a beach promenade. The sun was warm and lovely and Iwas having a great time shopping and walking along the beach.

I should have probably stopped to enjoy the fish spa, but it was quite nice to enjoy an ice cream and walk by as well :D

The wind was so strong that the sand was whipping towards my legs, and I was very happy to have brought with me my hooded jacket to keep me warm :D

The official symbol of Scheveningen is 3 silver herrings swimming to the right; above the head of each herring a crown of gold.  This emblem is printed in the sement tiles laid all over the city.

Links to Tourist Information in Scheveningen
Official Tourist Web Page for Scheveningen


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