Dinner and Game Night with friends

This morning I walked to work with my colleague Kurt. It was a nice sunny morning and it became a long and busy day at work.

After work today I had an appointment with some friends that I met years ago through a Couchsurfing event in Utrecht here in The Netherlands.

Eveline lives in Den Haag and she also invited Liza and Jasper from Utrecht for a lovely dinner and playing games. Fortunately there is a direct bus from work directly to the side of the city where Eveline is living, but I did stop to pick up some good wine for us all.

Eveline made a wonderful vegetable risotto with lots of parmeggiano and the wine was awesome for that! Evelines flatmate Anouk also joined us for dinner and then we were all given the tour of the house before we decided to play a boardgame called Munchkin.

It took me forever to understand the rules of the game, but … I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Maybe I should get it to play at home.

Liza and Jasper left at the same time as I did and hence we could continue eachothers company until we got to the central station where they left for Utrecht and I went back to the hotel :D A very nice evening !

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